All Aboard the Yellow Train

All Aboard the Yellow Train

All aboard the yellow train

Darlington SRG is by far the largest of all our Up & Running SRGs in the country, but not wanting to keep all the love to themselves, or whether they wanted to show the rest of us how it is done, no-one really knows, but the Darlington group decided to go on tour and supersize their group one Saturday morning.

Bringing together 60 members from SRG Darlington with runners from Harrogate, Leeds, Oldham, Huddersfield and even one runner from SRG Milton Keynes, the social runners joined the Harrogate Parkrun no 374.

Travelling down from the north-east by coach, the fun bus had to be on its way by 6.30am. Not too early for these hardy northerners who dazzled the coach driver with their yellow shirts and laughed and chattered all the way to Harrogate’s famous Stray.

Much to the bemusement of the town’s usual runners, the Harrogate Stray was awash with yellow as no less than 6 SRG groups joined together to run the 3-lap 5K course.

“It was a fantastic atmosphere at the start, and I found myself getting carried away and going to the front. As we approached the first corner, I was in 10th place, with all the excitement I had set off far too fast! I must have been thinking I was Mo Farah galloping away like that from the rest of the SRG, but I soon settled back into my slow and steady pace chatting away and enjoying it!” Dan, Darlington SRG Manager and Run Leader.

All the SRG runners had a great time, chatting to runners from other groups, enjoying the social atmosphere and how we love to run together. We clapped and we cheered as the last SRG runner came into the finish and before long Darlington SRG runners were back on the bus, sweaty and smelly but elated.

Back to Darlo, just in time for beer and breakfast in true Darlington SRG style.

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